How to use Vastudhoop?

  • Use it during twilights for better results
  • Do not use beneath the fan to gain better results
  • Do not keep it near windows or doors.
  • Do not place it within the reach of children
  • Vastudhoop should be used in front of deities.

Benefits of Vastudhoop

  • Easy and daily vastupurush puja becomes possible
  • Kills the micro-viruses in the environment.
  • VastuPurush blesses the spirit of ‘home’.
  • Immoralities in the surrounding of premises are rectified.
  • Increases the positive energy and reduces negative energy.
  • Beneficial for overall health Helps to create pleasure and serene feelings..
  • Blessings from Janmanakshtra and Janmarashi devata.
  • Safeguards from the ill effects of planetary influences.
  • The lightening dhoop in a copper stand boosts the positive energy.
  • Beneficial for happy and peaceful in home..